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A perfect smile

Dental cosmetics for a radiant smile

Lips, teeth and gums are a unit that makes up the smile.

Over the past twenty years, the smile has become a growing concern for patients.

It conveys positive values such as well-being, success, strength and beauty.

Let's take a look at the solutions with Dr. Nathalie Declercq, dental surgeon and specialist in cosmetic dentistry whose passion is to offer the patients of the Brussels Smile Clinic a personalized smile.

A perfect smile

Challenge: Fluoride stained teeth

Solution: In the case of a small stain, a slight abrasion of the stain is done before applying a glossy liquid composite to the surface.

For grey teeth following the intake of tetracyclines as a child, a dental lightening will be associated with porcelain veneers.

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Challenge: Grey and stained teeth, dull enamel

Solution: Two-part teeth whitening or lightening :

- a session of 1h30 in the chair with the UV lamp;

- treatment at home with custom-made trays with doses of active products to be worn for one hour a day for fifteen days.


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Challenge: Misaligned Teeth - 1

Two solutions:

1/ Classical orthodontics with rings and inserts

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Challenge: Misaligned Teeth - 2

2/ Invisalign or orthodontics with removable trays

Easy to wear, the Invisalign translucent aligners snap onto the teeth and are removed only when eating and drinking hot and/or sweet drinks.

They are changed every ten days depending on the speed of tooth mobility.

Designed by computer from fingerprints taken in the office by the Itero optical scanner (3D photography), each set of aligners is adjusted to the progressive dental movement.

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Challenge: Chipped, stained, devitalized and/or misplaced teeth

Solution: Veneers

When it is necessary to reorganize the alignment and harmonize the aesthetic aspect at the same time, the installation of veneers is recommended because it is quick and deals with both issues at the same time.

This complete makeover is done in three steps and lasts two to three weeks.

1st step :

A simulation is made with the installation of a composite shaped on the teeth to give a good idea of the new smile.

This study of the smile and the occlusion is essential for the elaboration of the prosthetic project.

Step two:

Teeth are abraded and temporary composite veneers are prepared directly at the office using our 3D printer.

These temporary veneers and crowns allow a normal social life until the next appointment.

The shade of the permanent veneers is chosen by the patient in agreement with the dentist.

It is advisable not to choose a colour lighter than the white of the eye if a natural result is desired.

The final ceramic veneers are made and stained one by one by a specialist dental technician who has been collaborating for more than ten years with Dr Declercq and the Brussels Smile Clinic team.

Step 3:

The final veneers are fixed with a sealing cement.

The veneers and crowns allow chewing as solid as natural teeth.

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Challenge: Gingival smile, uneven alignment of teeth to gumline

Solution: A beautiful smile includes the line of the tooth neck, i.e. the height of the gums.

When the alignment is uneven, in the case of a gummy smile, a minor procedure under local laser anesthesia allows the teeth to have an equal height, which completes the harmony of the smile.

This quick and painless operation does not require any further surgery.


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Challenge: Get harmonious lips - 1

A dynamic area prone to ageing, lips have an anatomical specificity that requires special attention.  Review of techniques to beautify and rejuvenate the smile in addition to the traditional Botox and hyaluronic acid.

First alternative: Bio-Nutrilips to restore and beautify.

This protocol developed by the experts at Fillmed (Fillorga Medical) consists of working the entire perioral region with interactive products to nourish, moisturize and smooth.

A technique that allows restoration without excess or tampering.

Unique in Belgium at the Brussels Smile Clinic.


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Challenge: Get harmonious lips - 2

Second alternative: the Belotero Lips Shape and Contour, the special lip duet

The duo of fillers Belotero Lips Shape and Contour (Merz) brings a redefinition of volume and contours for a subtle and natural result with a duration in time of about a year.

The highly sensitive and constantly moving area around the mouth requires a product specifically formulated to provide optimal tissue integration.

This protocol mastered by the specialists of the Brussels Smile Clinic avoids a risk of inflammation and provides a soft, supple result.


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Challenge: Get harmonious lips - 3

Third alternative: the White Lip Lift or Whitening, the new gesture

Small surgical gesture that beautifies, rejuvenates and restores harmony to the face, it shortens the distance between the nose and mouth but also plumps up the lips by slightly opening them, making them fuller and more sensual.

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Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our maxillo-facial surgeon, Dr Afshin Yousefpour, Dr Declercq, master in aesthetic dentistry and the orthodontist Dr Pamar at the Brussels Smile Clinic on 02 608 26 71.