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Brussels Smile Clinic for Kids

Nous vous recevons dans un environnement ludique, conçu sur mesure pour vos enfants

Brussels Smile Clinic for Kids


1/ Send us your best drawings and pictures of your cuddly toys!

Send us your best drawings about the dental world, we will post them here! You can send them directly by mail to the address below:

2/ Make an appointment

02 608 26 71

Our secretary office will be happy to help and make an appointment for your child.

3/ The team

Mrs Susana Moutinho is the specialist dentist in paediatric dentistry at the Brussels Smile Clinic.

She is gentle, caring and will be your children's new friend!

The dental assistants

Manuela, Nancy and Irina are the three dental assistants of the Clinic. They have been trained in relaxation techniques and in dealing with children. They are at your side for all the explanations you may need.

4/ the Brussels smile for kids practice

We do our utmost to ensure that their experiences are positive. We welcome you in a playful environment, tailor-made for your children.

We are dedicated to the prevention of oral diseases as well as to the management of fear and anxiety.

5/ Advice to parents

To ensure that your child has a positive experience of their first visit, try to avoid using inappropriate language.

It is important to avoid using words that can cause your child anxiety:                    

dent-.png dent+.png
Don't use Use

Pain, hurt

"You won't feel anything"
"Don't be afraid"
"The dentist won't hurt you"

"The dentist will be nice to you"


Magic potion/sleepy tooth

Roulette wheel


Passing the wheel

Clean tooth

Pull out/extract tooth

Jiggling the tooth so that it falls out


Tooth microbes

Dental examination

Counting teeth

Cleaning/scaling teeth

Brushing/chewing teeth

Dental dam

Magic Raincoat

If you yourself are afraid of the dentist, you may be unintentionally instilling this fear in your child. By expressing fears, or by promising your child gifts after the appointment, you risk making your child think that something unpleasant will happen.

Instead, announce the appointment with the paedodontist in the same way you would announce a trip to the cinema or park.

The most important thing is that your child leaves our paediatric dental practice with a big smile!

Our philosophy:

  • An atmosphere of trust
  • Tailor-made care
  • Prevention and prophylaxis
  • A playful environment

Through bi-annual check-ups and cleaning and prevention sessions, each child receives tailored treatment to meet their oral health needs

6/ The first appointment

kid parent

The first appointment with the paediatric dentist is by far the most important appointment in the child's journey. The first appointment is dedicated to getting to know your child better in order to treat them better.

No care is ever given at the first appointment...

It is important to take your time during the consultation and to prepare for it at home.

During the first appointment, the dentists will pay particular attention to putting your child at ease. Treating a child at the first appointment jeopardises this relationship. Therefore, it is crucial that it is done in a different atmosphere than the treatment.

The first appointment is a prophylaxis and prevention session. This is when your child will get to know our practice and the dental world in general.

During this session, the following will be carried out

  • A complete medical check-up
  • A clinical and radiological dental check-up (if necessary)
  • An assessment of eating and brushing habits
  • The discovery of the surrounding instruments
  • Establishment of the treatment plan
  • An explanation of the course of the upcoming sessions

Estimates will be issued to you or not depending on your child's needs

7/ The treatments

Topical fluoridation

The local professional application of a fluoride gel helps to strengthen the enamel of your child's teeth. With a bi-annual application, the risk of cavities is reduced by 30 to 46%. This is a major preventive element.

Preformed Pedodontic Cappings

When the decay is very advanced and the tooth is very dilapidated, the pedodontic cap (or metal crown) is cemented onto the existing tooth to ensure its durability.

Other treatments

  •  Early orthodontic check-up with placement of trays.
  •  Sealing of grooves
  •  Classic caries care
  •  Emergency and trauma management...

The child can always bring his or her cuddly toy, Mrs. Moutinhio will also be able to treat the teeth!

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