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A bright smile of whiteness is synonymous with health, beauty and success!


A bright smile of whiteness is synonymous with health, beauty and success!

Even impeccable dental hygiene does not get rid of stains, especially when they reach the enamel and dentine (two of the three layers that make up a dental crown).

Nowadays, dark teeth whose color is altered are no longer a fatality. When the colorations are due to external factors such as tea, coffee, tobacco, whitening proves to be an effective treatment.

In fact, new dental whitening products and modern methods make it possible to whiten them effectively and non-aggressively.


What happens when doing a teeth bleaching?

The bleaching process is made possible by the ability of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide to pass through enamel and dentin and to penetrate these layers of dental tissue.

Peroxides decompose into oxygen ions that creep through the prisms of the enamel, the hydroxyapatite crystals, divide the molecules of coloring substances and thus discolour them.

The structure of the tooth is not affected; the tooth is simply whitened. The active whitening principles break down into tiny molecules and migrate in all directions so that the tooth is fully whitened. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of peroxides for tooth whitening.

Plaster fillings, composite fillings and ceramic prostheses are not affected by the active ingredients of the whitening product.


The new European regulation came into effect in November 2012:

Due to an EU directive, the cosmetics decree has been amended. Only whitening products with a peroxide content (H2O2) up to 6% are allowed. After your dentist's diagnosis and initial treatment, these products may be prescribed for the patient to continue home treatment. Our experience with this new concentration shows us that optimal whitening results are only guaranteed by combined dental and home care treatments.

The session in the chair lasts 1h30.

Home treatment lasts three to six weeks.

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